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Short stories

Luces del norte, historias del lejano norte, donde los fantasmas y piratas nadan en las aguas del mar Báltico y las brujas son tan mortales como las víboras que envían. Acompáñenos en un viaje a realidades alternativas en las que la vida puede ser atrapada en latón y donde el lienzo de la vida es tejido por arañas.

Luces del norte. Antología de ciencia ficción finlandesa presenta nueve voces y nueves relatos del bizarro finlandés, ahora por primera vez en castellano.

Autores Magdalena Hai, Janos Honkonen, Saara Henriksson, Taru Kumara-Moisio, Anne Leinonen, J.S. Meresmaa, Anni Nupponen, Sari Peltoniemi y Kari Välimäki.

"Lesni lisky" is a short story collection of Finnish sf/f in czech. "Tuonenkalma, surmansuitset" is a coming-of-age -story about young girl and wolfhood.

This short story collection features several award-winning stories from a Finnish author. They span strange and exciting worlds of imagination: in them an alien whose sole purpose is to serve others tries to understand humankind, an itinerant woman carries the world’s history in her tattoos, an old artisan is doing his skilled part to help revolution, a little boy discovers the secret of books, and a woman suffering from memory crashes follows a cat who both is and is not there…

Anne Leinonen is a journalist, editor and author, and active in the Finnish SF/Fantasy community. Her short fiction has won multiple awards, and she moves effortlessly within and between the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Her works are noted for the recurring themes of otherness and crossing the borders of different worlds.

Short stories

Valged londag (Valkeita lankoja). translator Arvi Nikkrev, in Aphra, Skarabeus 2005

Tss, tss!tegid need. (Shh, shh ne sanoivat). translator Arvi Nikkarev, in Soome ulme, Skarabeus 2008

Teislane (Toisinkainen). translator Arvi Nikkarev, teoksessa Soome ulme, Skarabeus 2008

In English:

Corpsecaul, ghastbridle (Tuonenkalma, surmansuitset) translation Robet J. Tupasela, in Finnish Weird 3, 2015 

The Matchbox God (Pienen rasian jumala), translation Robet J. Tupasela, in Finnish Weird 2, 2014

The Otherling and Other Stories (translation Liisa Rantalaiho), Kuoriaiskirjat 2015

”White threads” (Valkeita lankoja), translation Liisa Rantalaiho, in It Came From the North: An Anthology of Finnish Speculative Fiction. Cheeky Frawg Books 2013

The Otherling, Usva International 2007 (translation Liisa Rantalaiho)


Cărțile lui Oliver (Oliverin kirja) . Traducerea în limba română de Alexandru Lamba. Galaxia42

Corpsecaul, ghastbridle (Tuonenkalma, surmansuitset) translation Robet J. Tupasela, in Finnish Weird 3

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